Congratulations...I aim to create a unique start to a most amazing journey in life!

Every transition in life can be celebrated by a ceremony

and a wedding creates a gathering to enjoy!

So I'm a little older...but that just means my experience is learned and proven!

Geelong; our surfcoast or countryside victoria has some gorgeous corners to officiate. 

My fee is not the most expensive...

its a part of my real business plan to be affordable, but not too cheap!

I don't stand between you for vows...capture the magic of you two for your photos!


I approach my planning with the sincerity and professionalism it deserves.  

As each couple are individuals, so too, should be the beginnings of your marriage.

Fluffy words are not in style...and we plan every word I will say!

Gender, Gay and Same Sex Couple friendly...families young or older too!

Celebrating equality and diversity and the joy of your commitment.

Whether formal or casual in style, humerous, traditional or "something a little bit different" we need to reflect and celebrate your relationship!


I can share a variety of options and ideas, resources and guidance;

with all the time and contact you need to feel re-assured for your ceremony.

A pre the day rehearsal is included with a battery powered amp. 

I endeavour to catch the joy of your relationship...and excitement is contagious! With delight I will present the formalities of your day.

Located in Geelong...but happy to travel!

Feel free to request a no obligation interview to see if we can plan!


3 St Cloud Crt Highton    ph  0425707736

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